Your Registration Fee - Where It's Going:

A Lot To Preservation

The registration fee for the McDowell 2017 event has been increased. First and foremost your registration fee helps pay for all the expenses associated with putting on the event. For military participants that includes $6.00 per man which will go towards firewood collection and preparation, sanitary facilities, straw for bedding, etc. Every dollar over and above the event overhead goes to benefit the Highland County Historical Society.

In a county of just over 2,000 inhabitants the Historical Society has been accomplishing noteworthy and gutsy things.

They purchased and paid off the Bullpasture River Field - 55 acres of the core area of the McDowell battlefield with incomparable sight vistas. The money raised from the previous reenactments helped to pay for this key acquisition of battlefield land.

They purchased the George Washington Hull House in McDowell in 2001. George Washington Hull was Highland County's delegate to the Virginia Secession Convention of 1861.

The Historical Society has successfully raised over $400,000.00 to restore this house to its wartime appearance and turn it into a museum for the county in 2005, which showcases the Battle of McDowell. A considerable portion of this money was raised during the 2005 and 2007 McDowell Events. The museum serves as one of the five major orientation centers for the Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Historic District.

All proceeds from the 2017 event and monies left over from your registration are helping to endow this project. Thus the Historical Society will realize a greater monetary benefit to aid in their current, worthwhile efforts to safeguard the historical heritage of McDowell.